“…to ‘let go’ is to fear less and love more…”

Amanda’s mentoring has spanned 20 years of discovery, research, study, working with clients, teaching and writing. Her no nonsense approach is grounded and radical yet done with subtlety and grace. Her deep rooted intuitive faculties have served a huge catalogue of clients over the years in finding their power and voice. Her attitude to life is that we all have that innate source that unlocks our true potential and taps into our ‘Success Mechanism’.

“The key is to unlock the programs that inhibit you…once discovered it will serve you for the rest of your life.”

The Guys Upstairs


There is nothing worse than being a child in a home where violence and hatred are rife and no-one will listen. It’s all the more remarkable then that Amanda Hart survived such harrowing beginnings to arrive at a point in life where she could write The Guys Upstairs.

This book charts the life of Amanda Hart from childhood to middle age, a life which saw her stumble from one unbearable relationship to another as she strived to maintain custody of her children and make sense of a world where trust was in short supply.

To get through she puts her faith in ‘The Guys Upstairs’, angels who at times can be frustrating in their messages but who in the end always deliver. The Guys Upstairs is an absorbing book on surviving relationships and finding your power and voice to live your destiny.

Amanda’s book is endorsed by key experts who are supporting her campaign to raise awareness.




Amanda sees clients on a one to one basis, gives talks and teaches about “waking the success mechanism.” Her memoirs “The Guys Upstairs” is part of a campaign to raise awareness and empower victims of abuse where her work is now expanding globally. She writes a regular article for Universal Magazine, has collaborated on numerous books, is currently writing the sequel to her memoirs and is involved in other media projects in relation to her work.

Amanda’s Biography


“As soon as you meet Amanda you become aware that you are in the company of an exceptionally gifted and talented psychic. On many occasions because of research and personal interest I have met mediums, psychics and healers from across the South East of England, and abroad. It is fair to say that there really are few who can channel to this level.

Amanda’s intuition, cuts right through the outer layers to the core which she soothes with her natural healing gifts. Recommending Amanda is a pleasure, parting company with her leaves you feeling that you have met a truly extraordinary, insightful, highly attuned soul who is connected to a higher purpose.”

Amanda Morley
Life Path Consultant, Astrologer and Psychologist

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