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“…to ‘let go’ is to fear less and love more…”

Amanda’s mentoring has spanned 20 years of discovery, research, study, working with clients, teaching and writing. Her no nonsense approach is grounded and radical yet done with subtlety and grace. Her deep rooted intuitive faculties have served a huge catalogue of clients over the years in finding their power and voice. Her attitude to life is that we all have that innate source that unlocks our true potential and taps into our ‘Success Mechanism’.

“The key is to unlock the programs that inhibit you…once discovered it will serve you for the rest of your life.”

Amanda Hart GQHP Intuitive Consultant

Amanda sees clients on a one to one basis, gives talks and teaches about “waking the success mechanism.” Her memoirs “The Guys Upstairs” is part of a campaign to raise awareness and empower victims of abuse where her work is now expanding globally. She writes a regular article for Universal Magazine, has collaborated on numerous books, is currently writing the sequel to her memoirs and is involved in other media projects in relation to her work.

Amanda’s Biography

Amanda Speaks Publicly to Help Others

• Overcome Domestic Violence, Abuse and Adversity
• Awaken the Authentic Self to Conquer Loneliness
• Heal the Soul, Ignite Creative Expression and Find your Power, Purpose & Voice


“After completing three wonderful sessions with Amanda, I’ve been more than amazed with the positive changes I’ve seen in my life.

Intuitively astute, Amanda quickly identifies the deep-rooted issues that may affect your life’s decisions, guiding you beautifully through a journey of rewiring bad habits and then provides the tools needed to independently continue to grow positively.

Leading with her heart in every interaction, Amanda’s guidance and advice has been more than welcome in my life and the immediate changes were a testament to her incredible work. Her approach is honest as well as nurturing and her words are wise and continue to resonate far beyond any conversation with her.

A beautiful woman with an incredible capacity to keep giving and sharing with others to help people on so many levels.”

Samantha Martin
Digital Marketing Specialist

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