Why ‘Friending Faith’ is Important

  “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. From the age of 3, faith became my torchlight in the tunnel of my childhood. Somehow, regardless of how scary or uncertain life was, I started to form a...

10th Video Diary – 14th December 2016

This is my 10th video diary after a few weeks off. Sometimes having an 'epiphany moment' can be the jewel in the crown...the miracle we've perhaps been seeking. Having missed posting my diary for a few weeks due to a decline in my health, it gave me the space I needed...

9th Video Diary – 27th November 2016

This is my 9th video diary and with Christmas looming and the expectations we put upon ourselves, how much do we value what we truly wish for? Spending time being with our loved ones and giving to ourselves first and foremost is key, especially when we're challenged....

8th Video Diary – 20th November 2016

This is my 8th video diary and all about non reaction to bullying. When we see the message behind the drama, it empowers us to make the right steps towards freedom. https://youtu.be/eUSenP8FOyk

7th Video Diary – 12th November 2016

This is week 7 of my video diary and all about 'learning to love our limitations.' When we embrace and accept our limitations it allows us to see the path we dare to tread to embrace our destiny. https://youtu.be/3YPnuMZCHfA