Amanda Hart

Intuitive Consultant, Speaker & Author


Aligning people to find their power, their purpose, their people and ultimately, their peace!

Amanda works through the subconscious mind to help men and women who are here to make a difference, guiding them intuitively to discover their personal ‘note’ to create deep satisfaction in their lives and to enable them to ultimately align with the bigger picture to create a lasting global impact.

Unlock Your Truth

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Find Your Power

Free tools and resources to help you connect to your innate wisdom and create what you love.


Find Your Purpose

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Find Your People

Join a community of like-minded souls, empowering women to empower other women through a network of support.

Latest News

Talking with Angels of Light

Talking with Angels of Light

This course is for you if the values and beliefs that have guided your life so far are based on destructive relationships, negative emotions or traumatic experiences from your past.

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Unlock Your Truth Workshop

Unlock Your Truth Workshop

This course is specifically designed for women change makers who are here to make a difference, who have a desire to push the parameters of who they are to serve their purpose

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Here’s what people are saying…

Amanda has an incredible gift, extremely perceptive and a finely honed sixth sense

Katy Sunnassee
Editor of Top Sante Magazine, UK.

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