Unlock Your Truth

Discover Your Power, Purpose, People & Ultimate Peace

Why this Course?

You know when life has challenged you so much and you just can’t understand why? Or you feel there’s much more to life, but you seem to be the one standing in your own way?

Well as an Intuitive consultant for over 20 years I’ve helped countless people to face these exact issues to help them discover their power, their purpose, their people and ultimately, their peace!

If you feel lost, alone, with little or no sense of purpose or meaning, then I’m here to say that you can find that…and I can help you achieve it, no matter what your challenge!

Everyone deserves to live a satisfied life and discover their authenticity. I help people intuitively, so you can fully discover what you’re here for and what difference you can make in this world.

I would love you to live the life you’re supposed to live, move past your past and embrace your authenticity and therefore, what you can give and share with the world right now.

I work with people who want to make a difference, but aren’t yet feeling strong, brave or clear enough to know what that is yet. I will guide you intuitively to discover your personal ‘note’ to create deep satisfaction, so you ultimately align with the bigger picture to help create a lasting global impact.

Alison struggled financially and was unhappy and undervalued in her work. She struggled with relationships and her self-image, but through working together, she took a huge leap of faith and attracted a perfect job in Cornwall where she’d always wished to live, found authentic friendships, discovered hobbies that served her adventurous nature and her self-worth elevated as a result of her discovering her authenticity and unlocking her truth. Her life has transformed beyond measure!

This is just one of the many examples of those I work with to find their power, purpose, people…and ultimately, their peace!

“Embracing vulnerability leads you to fear less and love more.”

We will work together to:
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Identify Habitual Programs

Those which challenge you, such as negative programs from your past, fears, underlying assumptions or procrastinations.

Not only will you learn how to identify what is currently holding you back in life, but I will teach you the tools that will enable you to continuously overcome your self-limiting programs to enhance your personal ‘power!’

Create Balance

The art of living a harmonious existence is essential to being in the right place at the right time in order to attract that which serves your highest good to attract right opportunities and right solutions.

Learning to find your own personal ‘note’ helps create deep satisfaction so you ultimately align with the bigger picture, attracting your ‘people’ to create a lasting global impact.

Use Universal Language

Demystifying the myth that only ‘some’ are able to read and understand this innate language, I teach you how your genius potential kicks in as you start to use both hemispheres of the mind.

Your uniqueness comes alive when your awareness heightens, helping you to make better decisions, create better health and start to tap into an unlimited resource that serves your best self to create that inner and outer ‘peace.’

Evolve the Soul & Senses

Developing the inner senses is all part of your soul’s growth which enables you to lock into your blue print, unearthing your ‘why,’ your purpose and what you’re here to achieve on this earth.

Learning how to use your intuitive faculty to support you, enhances your personal and business growth beyond what you felt was possible.

Live Your Truth

By the end of the course, you will have learned the tools to improve your own personal power, to reveal the programs that have held you back in order to make powerful changes.

You will recognise your own personal note that is your harmonic that blends with the bigger picture for the greater good, discover or deepen a language that grounds your existence and purpose, learn how to enhance and trust your inner senses to find best solutions and opportunities and finally build faith and trust in your purpose to truly make a difference on this earth.

  • 6 people working together for 4 months to achieve their full potential
  • 8 group sessions – each 1 ½ hours via Zoom
  • 2, personal 1 hour, 1 to 1 support sessions with Amanda (worth £170)
  • Continual support via our own private Facebook Group
  • Recordings of all sessions for your own personal use
  • Special reduction for all one to one sessions or courses in the future (half price)

As a group of 6 people, we meet up every fortnight, working together as we grow over 4 months through 8 powerful development sessions.

  • Each session is designed to incorporate guided meditations and tools to allow each
    one of us to access our own unique blueprint and learn each of the unfolding
    processes enabling you to finally ‘Unlock Your Truth.’
  • Working together in that safe space as a group, you will take what you’ve learned
    each session and what action you need to take out into the world to work on, until
    we next meet.
  • During that 4 months and beyond (to support your ongoing growth) you’re invited to
    connect with one another in a private Facebook group to share your experiences, ask
    questions, post achievements and create engagement to support and nurture your
    journeys together.
  • Also, as part of this course, you’re invited to book 2, one to one (1 hour) sessions
    personally with me at any point, in order to explore deeper aspects of yourself or get
    clarity and extra help towards achieving your own personal goals.

Course Dates

See all dates and times below.

1st Course begins Tuesday 12th March 2019

All course dates:

Tuesday 12th Mar – 10am UK

Tuesday 26th Mar – 10am UK

Tuesday 9th Apr – 10am UK

Tuesday 23rd Apr – 10am UK

Tuesday 7th May – 10am UK

Tuesday 21st May – 10am UK

Tuesday 4th Jun – 10am UK

Tuesday 18th Jun – 10am UK

2nd Course begins Thursday 14th March 2019

All course dates:

Thursday 14th Mar – 8pm UK

Thursday 28th Mar – 8pm UK

Thursday 11th Apr – 8pm UK

Thursday 25th Apr – 8pm UK

Thursday 9th May – 8pm UK

Thursday 23rd May – 8pm UK

Thursday 6th Jun – 8pm UK

Thursday 20th Jun – 8pm UK

Invest in Yourself

Two payment options:

1. Full payment = £600

2. Monthly Payments x 4 of £165 = £660